Friday, April 12, 2019

Listen to your heart...even if your mind disagrees...

We have all been stuck in a decision making mode. We want to follow our heart, but our mind tries to keep us safe. One thing feels right but the other one feels safe. As an artist I struggle with this almost daily. Being an artist can be a very selfish occupation because it is so consuming. The constant need to create things every moment of the day and it's not always profitable.

You have great months and terrible months. As a mom and a wife I always feel like I am letting them down when there are weeks I barely make enough to buy groceries. Should I go back to work? Get a full time job as a graphic designer again? Put myself in a stressful career that takes me away from time with my family, sports events and more? This is where I struggle. Also, at the age of 46 and being out of the corporate world for over 10 years makes it nearly impossible to get your foot back in the door.

I found myself at a crossroads. Should I just put my dreams on hold and find a 9-5 job or take a chance? I reached out to some other artists and picked their brains on what they thought I should do. Everyone was so supportive about me continuing to make and sell my art! Hearing this from fellow artists was such a relief. Something about feedback from other artists like myself cemented the fact that I am on the right path. I'm scared and excited! I know it won't be easy and will be a ton of work but I am ready!

After making the decision to go forward, I started looking around for shows to sell my work. A fellow artist gave me the little extra push I needed to take a leap and apply for a much bigger show that I have ever done. I went out of my comfort zone and applied! The deadline had passed and as far as I knew the show was full. I found out the next day that the event was full but she would put me on a waiting list. The following Monday I got an email that I'd been accepted and they had a space! I will be vending at one of the top arts and craft fairs in the country over Memorial Day weekend!I am thrilled (and freaked out) to be putting myself back out there!

I will be venturing up with a friend that will also be vending and we will not only be selling our wares...but also camping! I haven't camped since college! I plan to take lots of photos from set up to breakdown and share all of my adventures with you! 

I've already gone into production mode! Creating enough inventory for a three day event is something I have never done before. 

I am also vending at the Spring Stroll here in Allentown, New Jersey on April 27th. 


Wish me luck and come see me if you can!

Sneak peek of one of my new wish boxes...

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