Friday, September 26, 2014

tis the season….

My family is back in full swing with our crazy schedules! Cross country, hockey, dance, art, school…planning a Halloween party and promoting a local screening of Cowspiracy at our local theatre!

I must admit I love the fast pace…seeing how much I can get done in a day. It is a wonderful challenge and it makes me appreciate the peaceful moments so much more.

I have some new art doll faeries almost completed, finished a couple more illustrations and I am building up my stock for my two upcoming shows.

The Edel Family

Ember the Witch

Some new necklaces and wooden ornaments that I will be selling at 
the Long Island Vegan Conference.

The leaves are starting to change and I have found joy in my kitchen once again. Creating delicious vegan meals and baking delightful treats is my favorite thing this time of year!

Here is an amazing recipe for Vegan Pumpkin Scones!

Pumpkin Scones
8 scones

For the scones:
• 2 cups flour
• 1/3 cup brown sugar
• teaspoon ground cinnamon
• teaspoon ground nutmeg
• teaspoon ground ginger
• teaspoon ground allspice
• 1 tablespoon baking powder
• teaspoon baking soda
• pinch salt
• 1/3 cup almond, rice, or soy milk
• 2 teaspoons apple cider or other vinegar
• 1/3 cup canola oil
• cup canned pumpkin puree
• teaspoon vanilla extract

For the glaze:
• 1 tablespoon non-hydrogenated margarine or earth balance, melted
• 2 tablespoons orange juice
• 1 teaspoon orange zest
• 1 cup powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 400°. Lightly oil a baking sheet, and set aside.

Make the scones: In a medium bowl or 2-cup measure, whisk together the almond
milk, vinegar, oil, pumpkin, and vanilla. Set aside.

In a large bowl, sift or whisk together the flour, brown sugar, spices, baking
powder, baking soda, and salt.

Make a well in the center of the dry mixture, and pour in the liquid mixture. Using
a flexible spatula, make a scraping-scooping-pressing sort of motion to gently
combine the two. When you have only a few streaks of flour left in the dough,
remove it to a lightly floured surface. Pat the dough evenly into a circle about 1”
high. Using a sharp knife, cut the mound into eight wedges; it should be fairly
sticky and a bit misshapen. Transfer wedges to prepared baking sheet.

Bake until firm and just baked through (insert a knife; if it comes out clean, they’re
done), 12-15 minutes.