Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I'm not sure why I haven't posted lately. Somehow I feel like I am ALWAYS on social media...posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and sometimes my blog gets the shaft. I guess that is what happened this time as well. I had a contest happening on my Facebook page to helpgain more exposure and it went really well…it went so well that I am about to do it again. If you haven't visited my Facebook page…please go check it out! :)   My Facebook Page.

So here are a few things that happened this past week…

I met a beautiful, little girl named Natalie….the brave one who inspired my piece for Infinite Love for Natalie Grace

She and her mother, Andrea, were kind enough to take a photo of me with my piece for their page…

and then something else happened….I played my first hockey game. Yeah…I don't play hockey, I don't even ice skate very well, but my son's team has a parent/kid hockey game every year and I was bound and determined to get out and try! It was hard…but so much fun! It was something I will never forget and neither will my sore muscles! LOL!

As for studio time…I spent a few days working on getting some prints mounted on wooden canvases as well and creating some fun, little wooden boxes using some of my prints. All in all a pretty great week!

this is what I am working on tomorrow….
creating some altered canvas cuffs. SO many possibilities! Stay tuned….