Friday, January 24, 2014

A faerie tea party and yet another project to add to my list!

So we are having a very first Faerie Tea Party next Friday at Gypsies. We have been planning treats, projects and all things faerie! It is so exciting and I can't wait to watch all the little girls as we decorate wings and wands! Here are a couple of shots of things I am preparing for the event….. Mimi is still working on the wings and tutus!

and because I am not busy enough these days (ha ha ha!) I caved and started learning to knit last night at our second Knitting Club meeting. After watching all of the ladies knit their beautiful pieces last week, I just couldn't resist!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

something I have avoided for a while….

As artists…I feel like we are always re-organizing our art space or our supplies. I find it's helpful as I usually run across things that I forgot I had…or the clean space makes my inner neat freak happy and allows me to proceed with my next project. One thing I have been avoiding was re-organizing my small collection of jewelry supplies. It has been haunting me for months, so yesterday while stuck home in the snow storm I managed to clean up my little mess. It didn't start out very pretty...

but it did lead to this….

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

snow storm!

Well…I at least attempted to make it in and open the shoppe today….but the snow was piling up before opening time so I played it safe and headed home. Don't think I didn't grab tons of supplies from my studio before I headed home! Ever since I moved my studio out of my house and into the Old Mill I always have a fear of not having what I need at home in the event we get snowed in…I guess there are worse things to be afraid of! LOL!

This is what I see outside my front window already and it is supposed to snow through the afternoon and into tonight. I am guessing we will all be home tomorrow as well. Looking forward to catching up on all my design work, making some jewelry and working on my latest illustration.