Saturday, August 16, 2014

Catching up on projects and chopping off (even more of) my hair!

I have had these four lovely art doll faeries in limbo for the last several months. With the move of my studio and my life being a bit off kilter for a bit, many of my projects having just been waiting for me to finish them! So finally….some new faeries were born and are up for adoption. Meet my new friends…

Chandra…the Moon Faerie

Plum…the Faerie of Understanding

Tullia…the Faerie of Meditation

Wren…the Earth Faerie

You can find all four now in my Etsy Shoppe!

I have also listed some little wooden boxes. These were a bestseller at Gypsies. A great little box to tuck money in for a graduation or birthday gift, for a tooth faerie box, to keep tiny treasures safe…
or just for small gift giving.

They come in many different colors featuring a variety of my illustrations.

and I got a new do! A little shorter than I planned…but I am loving it. Easy and super cool!
This is is me and one of my BFF's, Ellie, enjoying some vegan soft serve last weekend.

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