Sunday, August 3, 2014

call of the crow...

Now that my studio is all back together and I love it so much…I have been squeezing in time here and there. We are all home during the summer…so sometimes getting into the studio is not always easy. Also, we have been taking on many projects in the house that we have been putting off. It feels great to check things off our "to-do" list and to finally get some things in order. I am also one of those artists that works better when not surrounded by chaos…it's strange but I feel calmer and more creative when my home is somewhat in order.

We took a trip to Barnes and Noble today to see if the Autumn edition of ARTful Blogging was out and indeed it was…front and center! I have had my copy for a while now so I was surprised when I teared up…I guess I am pretty proud of this accomplishment (and I know you guys are oh so tired of hearing about it! LOL) I will never forget this moment…

(after chopping 16 inches of my hair and donating it…its in a weird transition stage...hence the reason I am hiding behind the magazine…LOL!)

Now on to what I have been creating….

After the closing of Gyspies…I did mourn a bit and was in a dark place for a while, but I was also experiencing a re-birth. That is where "Call of the Crow" comes from. Crows can symbolize death…and I had a lot of crows cawing at me for the last couple of weeks. It's funny…as soon as I was settled back in my home studio and my mood lifted...they left. This is a bit of a self portrait…I have found my smile since then.

And this lovely illustration, "Amongst the Mushrooms", was a piece that kind of just came out while drawing. I missed my little faeries…and she seems perfectly content to me. 
(but she also make me want my bangs back!:))


Melody said...

I saw you in Artful Blogging! In fact I was about to put it down, and not get it...(guilt about spending $$...I love magazines just a little TOO much...) and then I saw your art and decided I had to know more!
Fabulous place you have here! I adore seeing people's studio space! ~ but your story about the "real" store not working out, scares me a little. I have an office job, and dream of a little store of my own ~ one day, some day?... I guess only time will tell... In the meantime, I'm quite pleased to have found your space here in Blogland! :)))))) said...

Hey Melody! Thanks so much for the comment! Please don't let my path discourage yours! The decision to close my retail shop had so many different reasons. We could have kept going but at this point in my life the retail biz was just not for me but I have so many friends that live for it. You just have to follow your own heart and find out what works for you! <3