Monday, February 24, 2014

Today…I'm going to brag a little :)

We spent the weekend watching my son and his hockey team compete in the State Championships. They started out as kind of a mish mash group of kids at the beginning of the season….with a mixture of all levels of players. We had no idea that these fantastic kids would bond so well on and off the ice! It has been amazing to watch this season…watching their talents blossom and to see how they have come together as one amazing team! They have had to listen to criticism from other teams and coaches…only because they have played so well. They worked hard and played great hockey! No attitudes…no dirty play…just pure talent and teamwork. I am so proud of each and every one of them. They played extremely hard this weekend and earned their spot as the top Peewee B team in the state of New Jersey! GO CHIEFS!!!! (excuse me and my husband and our banshee-like screaming in the background…LOL!)


Dino said...

L---- has grown up into such a handsome young man. Give him a hug for me? Congratulations on keeping it clean, and being a good sport about things, L----! said...

Thank you! We are quite proud of the young man he is becoming :)