Thursday, July 11, 2013

Exciting news!!!!!

So I have been kind of MIA on the blog lately...but busy on my Facebook page. After kind of a crappy show at the Art All Night event......I was not sure if doing art tables at shows was really my calling. While I had a ton of positive feedback it was the wrong venue for my work and once the sun went down I was in the dark (no lighting aimed at my table and no outlets to add lighting...sigh) which made it impossible for anyone to see my work...not to mention being placed next to the music stage which had very loud bands performing ALL NIGHT LONG. So not only could folks not see me very well I could not even carry on a conversation with potential customers. Oh and learn I suppose.

Thanks to some seamstress magic by my mother-in-law and some craft display ideas from friends and family my table was quite beautiful.....

But things have gone in a different direction for me. As you know I sell my art at a local gallery called The Copper Frog. This gallery is in my town and is located in a 300 year old mill called The Allentown Feed Co. Inside the Mill there was once a German restaurant on the first floor, a cafe in the basement and retail shoppes on the second and third floors. These businesses were forced out several years ago due to some bridge construction that was taking place. The county took over the Mill and forced everyone to close up shop. During the years it took the construction to be completed it was sad and empty. Then hurricane Irene came through and rocked our little village causing mass amounts of damage to the Mill. The owners are now picking up the pieces and trying to get the Mill back up in running. There is a restaurant just waiting to get in as well as several shops. One of those shops will be mine!!!! My mother-in-law and myself have decided to join the word of small business owners and open up a handmade gift shoppe and art studio! This will be the new home to Dark Faerie Creations and it will be called GYPSIES!!!!! I am so excited to be going on this adventure and I just know it is meant to be!

This is an image of the Old Mill....back in the day.....:)

and this is where you can follow Mimi and I into our journey.....we will be posting the transformation of our space as well as photos of projects we are working on for the shoppe! Stay Tuned!