Saturday, March 16, 2013

sneak peek.....

I am working on a few pieces as well as some Artist Trading Cards!
I think I have found a great vegan alternative for doing encaustic plus 
you can use it on canvas and acrylic!!

I will be back next week to tell you more!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The sun is is a bright and beautiful day! I can feel spring fever growing in me at a very quick rate. I have incredible urges to wash windows and clean up the yard! I may even go vacuum out my car today. I love this time of year when it feels that there is a rebirth and the feeling of hope fills me completely! What do you guys do to celebrate spring? I think a nature walk will be in order very soon. I will post pictures of what me and my daughter find :)

I have been a little busy in the studio as's nice to have a studio that is no longer too cold to work in. My studio has very crappy insulation and is on a concrete slab therefore keeping it warm can sometimes be an issue. I am thankful that Spring is coming and I will be able to put my little space heater to rest!

Here are some things I have been busy with lately....

Here is a new mixed media box..."Friends for Always". Available at The Copper Frog.

Two new Jester Sticks...also available at The Copper Frog.

And some new necklaces...some are available in my Etsy Shoppe and some at The Copper Frog.

and here is another amazing vegan recipe for you!

You need to make this! It is a favorite at all of our potlucks! I always double the recipe (which fills a 9x12 casserole). For potlucks I always make two! Enjoy!!! :)