Friday, June 14, 2013

Veganism and ART ALL NIGHT!!!!

So it is has been a busy and exciting couple of weeks! Last weekend my friends and I participated in the Bordentown Green Fair in which we had a tent set up (Veganism IS Environmentalism) to bring awareness about veganism and also sold cookies to raise money for our friend's farm sanctuary! ( We raised $225!!! That's a ton of cookies!

Also....the little vegan and vegetarian facebook page I started last year was just featured in our local paper! Pretty cool for some small town vegans like us!

And lastly.....this is what I have been working on the last couple of weeks...getting ready for Trenton's Art All Night event. An arts and entertainment event that is happening this Saturday from 3pm to 3pm on Sunday! It's awesome and it's free! This year they started accepting vendors so I applied and got accepted! This is my very first show and I am really quite nervous but at the same time I am bursting with excitement! I look forward to seeing how others react to my art! Crossing my fingers it will be a positive experience. They are expecting 20,000 people to attend so this is huge! Here are a few pics I took this week of my progress.....


Anonymous said...

Everything looks spectacular!!!!! Best of luck although I am sure you won't need it! xo

Unknown said...

Just found you the whole shabang fb page..... Oh wow, its all beautiful! And you have so much made.... My next show is the 28th I had better get busy!
Felicia x