Wednesday, March 6, 2013


SO, I tend to try to go in way too many directions...with art and with life. Sometimes I totally overwhelm myself and then I freeze up. This is when I just take a break....I try to make easy dinners, stay out of the studio for a little bit or just take a longer shower (if that is all my schedule will allow). Whatever it takes to kind of find some calm so I can get back to my crazy, busy life. I know that so many of you can totally relate. If I try too hard to create a new illustration I end up hating it...or if I try to have way too many projects happening at once something always fails. In my new resin jewelry. I attempted to make several pieces last week...and every piece ended up with bubbles or some sort of defect. Needless to say they won't be making it to my Etsy shoppe or The Copper Frog. Even though I was disappointed I did find it to be a great learning experience. As much as I want to try every single medium, sometimes it is just better to stick with what you know. I'm not saying I won't try it again but for now I'm going to focus on just my mixed media pieces and my dolls. :) Once I kind of reign myself in and finish up some pieces I am sure I will wonder off again...but that is what an artist does. I love trying new things...going off on adventures....but it is always nice to come home.

Here are a few pictures of what I am currently working on. This was going to be on a canvas....but something about it made me decide to put it on a box. This is a bit smaller than my other Wish boxes, it will be such a great size to keep little treasures in. I will post more pictures once this piece is done..along with photos of "The Frog Princess."

Below is a picture of my work table a couple of days can see what I mean about working on multiple pieces at once!

and for another awesome vegan recipe...
This is my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe...these are like the cookies my mom made when I was growing up. Now I can give my kids an awesome, cruelty-free version!

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Anonymous said...

we all need to get scatterbrained every once in while! Can't wait to see what new work will make it into the gallery this week! Seems we can't keep your pieces in stock!