Wednesday, March 20, 2013

new pieces and faux encaustic....

So I promised you that I would share the recipe I found for bee-free faux encaustic.....

Obviously, it is not exactly the same as using beeswax but it did give the two pieces I used it on a very dreamy look to them (which is pretty much what I was hoping for)...and also allows me to embed objects into my pieces if I feel inclined to do so.

This recipe was found in Art at the Speed of Light by Pam Carriker which, by the way, is a fabulous book! This is not only great because we leave the bees out of it...but also you can use this right over acrylic and it doesn't have to be used on a rigid substrate. You can stamp, layer and use on canvas and no heat or ventilation is needed! Win, win!

Here is what you you need:

• Golden (brand) Extra Heavy Gel Medium (semigloss)

• Golden (brand) Fluid acrylic paints
-iridescent gold deep (fine),
-transparent yellow iron oxide
-iridescent bright gold (fine)

• Jar with lid

Mix in jar until combined:

4 tablespoons Golden Extra Heavy Gel Medium
1 drop iridescent gold
2 drop transparent yellow oxide
1 drop iridescent bright gold

You can add as many coats as you want just be sure to let each layer dry before adding another.
I have played around with the above recipe....sometimes only adding the bright gold and it give the layer such have fun with it!

Here are the two pieces I used this with....I am not sure you can totally see the results in the photos but in person it really looks beautiful.

here is a sneak peek at the ATC (art cards) I have created so far....

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