Monday, February 11, 2013

venturing into resin....

Good morning! I hope everyone had a fabulous is a bit dreary here and my little one is running a bit of a fever so there will be lots of cuddles and love going on in the house today. I just wanted to post a couple of things really quick while she is eating her breakfast.

I have been playing around more with resin over the last few weeks.....I even invested in Lisa Pavelka's UV resin "Magic- Glos" and UV Lamp. So far I love it! The resin cures in about 20 minutes under the lamp and there are never any air bubbles...the only problem is that the UV lamp does not give you very much room so the pieces have to be somewhat small and flat. The Magic-Glos will cure out in direct sunlight but due to the weather we have had of late that is not going to happen :). Therefore the lamp won't work for the bracelets I am working on so I will be using the regular two-part resin for these pieces.

Here are a few pics of what has been going on in my studio....

These are the bracelets I mentioned...they still need a coat of resin (which I hope to pick up later today). I am really happy how they have turned out so far. I will post more pictures once I get them listed in my shoppe.

This is a pic of the final dream box...this is the second in the series...titled "Spread Your Wings".
More pictures of this to come as well.

 This is a little project Lydia, my five year old,  and I are working on. 
A plaster kit her Mimi gave her....they are all ready to be painted...once she feels up to it :)

I hope everyone has a fantastic start of the week and I will be back soon!
Faerie love....

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