Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a trip to Philly, some rings, a domino and peanut butter blondies!

So we decided that a trip to Philly on Monday was a little bit easier, cheaper and less exhausting than New York City (living in New Jersey has its perks being so close to two major cities!). So on Monday morning we headed to Philly to celebrate my son's 12th birthday (yes, 12...yikes!) We went to an awesome vegan coffee shoppe called Grindcore House and grabbed breakfast before heading to the Academy of Natural Sciences, and then to one of the best vegan pizzerias on the planet, Blackbird Pizzeria. All in all a perfect day right? Well, I did leave out that fact that our daughter threw up in the car on the way there and my husband got stuck in the parking garage for almost an hour while we waited at the museum. You can't always have the perfect day but we made the most of it and took some great pictures of the kids while we were there. Ahhhhhh memories.....:)

Now that I am back in the studio I have been working on a few new things.....I worked with some resin last night and created my first two rings. I will have better pictures soon but I am quite pleased with how they turned out. As you can see the ring on the bottom is featuring my latest illustration, I have a bunny on my head.

Also worked on some new pendants today....this is what they look like after I have affixed the images and surrounded with acrylic stucco. Once they are dry they will be painted with colors to match the illustrations, sealed, and then given a coat of UV resin and possibly a sprinkle of faerie dust for a touch of magic. :)

I found a domino while perusing my desk today...I do believe my friend Amanda had given me years ago when she first taught me how to use resin. I decided to dress it up a bit with a copy of one of my illustrations...she is quite cute.

and lastly....the blondies! The boys needed some cookies for lunches tomorrow so this is what I whipped out after dinner good! You can find the recipe here: Vegan Peanut Butter Blondies.   Don't say I didn't warn you...they are evil good!


Amanda T. said...

I've known you so long, and I am just always amazed and inspired by your talent. You just keep taking it new places. I LOVE your new work!!!! It's fantastic. Keep it up!!!! said...

thank you!