Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I can see my style transforming....

I have just finished a couple more pieces that I wanted to share. The first is a commissioned piece that is really in my earlier style in which my color palette is very vibrant. The second piece is a mixed media piece that I think reflects the direction my art is going. My colors are slowly becoming more muted and romantic...and I am incorporated more papers and textures. It is such an amazing journey...

Sharing a little about my faeries....

Wanted to show a few photos of the process I use to make my faeries......I hope you enjoy....

These are the basic materials I use to get started. 
Once I glue the styrofoam ball onto the wooden dowel...I add a bit of aluminum foil to bulk up the torso...and then I begin to sculpt with the paperclay.

While the torso and head dry (which can take a few days up to about a week) I make the legs, arms and feet.

Once the head and torso are dry I begin adding color.....I use mostly colored pencils with a bit of white acrylic paint.

My workspace tends to get a bit crowded! :) Once the legs dry I paint them with my favorite black and white stripeys.

Once all the paint has dried and I have added all the details I want with the pencils I wire on all of the body parts with copper wire.

I am usually working on more than one faerie at a time so I have a little assembly line going.

I have a paper template (seen bottom right) that I use to make wings. I use various papers and several layers of Mod Podge hard coat to create the wings...once I add the final coat of Mod Podge I sprinkle on the faerie dust.

I make their little skirts from hand dyed ribbons and also add little metal trinkets and a tiny bottle of faerie dust to complete the look.

Before I add the skirts and hair I coat the entire body with the Mod Podge...and sprinkle with faerie dust on the cheeks and dress. The hair is simply strands of acrylic and/or rayon yarn that have been attached with hot glue.