Saturday, August 20, 2011

Custom Orders....

Well, I know I don't like to think about the holidays just yet....but when it comes to getting things custom made you really do have to start planning. So this is just a little reminder that if you have a custom faerie in mind for a special turnaround is roughly 3 weeks. So as much as I try to squeeze all the orders in try not to wait too long :)

Order a custom faerie here!

much faerie love!

A Little Sorcery - Cloth Paper Scissors

A Little Sorcery - Cloth Paper Scissors

This is my entry for the "A Little Me" contest in Cloth Paper Scissors. I will find out September 12 if I am selected to be a finalist. Here is hoping! :) 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A fairy necklace....

I have been experimenting with jewelry a little bit lately....the paperclay is amazing for accepting watercolour as well as colored pencils so I have had a wonderful time trying new things. I hope to start working on some more jewelry pieces as well as some hanging ornaments soon so I will keep you posted on. Until then this is my most recent pendant that I listed last week which was scooped up right away by a good friend of mine in NYC.