Thursday, May 19, 2011

Made it to the finish line...woohoo!!!

So, I had quite few custom orders to complete over the last two weeks so all of my evenings have been spent in the studio. Today I finished up and shipped out just about everything....I love that feeling of accomplishment! Once I know all of my customers are happy I too will be a happy girl :) Now I am looking forward to getting back to some other ideas I have been tossing around such as a mermaid art doll! I have been planning her in my head for a while but now I think I am ready to get started on her. I hope to have something to share in the next week or two. Until then here are some pics of all of the projects I completed this week along with some pics of my studio in the midst of the chaos. I tell ya...when I am going to town in my studio there is so much glitter you would think Tinker Bell exploded in the middle of the room! LOL! My husband is not a fan of all of the glitter but I LOVE it! Perhaps it's because his hockey equipment shares some of my studio space....I suppose it's not very manly to show up to your hockey game covered in glitter! (teehee!)

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