Tuesday, March 29, 2011

anybody out there! LOL!

Still working on the details for my contest...so don't fret..I hope to have it figured out by next week!
Until then here are my latest creations.....my new faerie wands. These are a daintier version of my jester sticks...more bells and less bulk! LOL! They are super cute and very jingle-y :) My daughter has already claimed the pink one but the green and blue ones were just listed in my Etsy Shoppe!


Elm Studios said...

Love them!!!

PoesyGirl said...

These are super cute. I think I'm partial to the green one, very lovely!
Once again your amazing talent leaves me in awe.

Heather said...

might need you to make me a pink one and a purple one. have 2 little girls that love faeries. just LOVE them!

Joni Nickrent said...

your fairy wands are fantastical and fab! Love them!