Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Okay.....so I started experimenting with different surfaces to do my illustrations on. I wanted to find a surface that could be a completed piece without the trouble of framing when finished. I tried several surfaces but had not luck....my colored pencils just were not working on the different textures. Normally I work on bristol board which is very smooth and about the same weight as poster board. It let me blend my pencils beautifully...as a matter of fact most people believed that my illustrations were paintings. Nope...I just blend my pencils like crazy. I am guessing I am breaking all the rules when it comes to colored pencils...but what can I say...I am just a rebel! LOL! Anywho...the whole point of my blabbering is that I gave my pencils a try on wood. At first I tried a couple of small boxes....and man did I get excited when I realized my pencils worked great! Then I picked up a couple of wooden panels and tried my pencils on them...it was like butta! (soy butter, of course!) The pencils went on so smooth and just gorgeous. I think this will be what I will be working on for a long while. Once the pieces are complete they are ready to hang...just perfect! What do you think?