Saturday, July 10, 2010

hey ya'll!

Well hey I have been sucking at my diet....but I am back on starting Monday. I now have a little support group of vegan friends that are also trying to lose so we are going to keep each other motivated. Wish me luck! :)

As for my art...lots of projects going on. I just finished three new faerie dolls which are now for sale on my Etsy store. I am also in the middle of fixing up an antique doll bed for my daughter. It was my mom's and needs a little TLC but it will be adorable when finished. I will be sure to post before and after shots. Also, I will be starting a new illustration for a friend, working on my monthly "eye candy" challenge piece and starting some faerie boxes (more to come on those little treasures!) I love that my motivation has finally kicked in and now that the boys are home for the summer I have some more time to spend in my studio (thank you Patrick!) Now if only that motivation could carry over to my diet! LOL! Well that just goes to show you that a vegan diet can be just as yummy and tempting as a regular omni diet!

Well off I go....hoping to make it to the farmer's market this weekend and looking forward to "date night" tonight with my hubby. Have a great weekend everyone!

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