Friday, August 8, 2008

who doesn't need one of these!

I found these very cool cupcake holders today! They will be perfect for sending to work and school in the boys' lunches....I also picked up one for Lydia for future use. I found them at Sur La Table for $3.00 each. They also have a! So fun!


So I whipped up some quesadillas the other is such a quick and yummy dinner!
I suggest that everyone make these soon....get creative with the filling...the combinations are endless.

I made these with refried beans, black beans (mixed with some cumin, chili powders, salt and fresh garlic), tomatoes, green peppers, onions and FYH soy cheese on whole wheat tortillas. I baked them for about 25 minutes at 375 f without the top tortilla...added the tortilla top and baked for another 5-10 minutes. Then I added a dollop of vegan sour cream and salsa. YUMMERS!

Finally....a new illustration!

It's been a while....busy with the kids and such. Meet Jess the Vegan...she's for sale so contact me if you're interested.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cupcake success!!!!!

Well...the four dozen cupcakes turned out faboo!!! There was not a cupcake in sight once the baby shower was over! I made the cookies 'n cream, vanilla with raspberry buttercream (also added a dollop of raspberry preserves into each cupcake before baking for a fruit center), carrot cake with cream cheese icing and coconut heaven. All were from VCTOTW except the coconut which were from Vegan with a Vengeance. I thought I would stress out with so many cupcakes....but it was actually quite fun. I baked them the night before, made the icing the next morning - let chill, then iced the lovlies in the afternoon. I only wished there had been extras to sample...but we did have fun licking the icing bowls!!!