Monday, July 7, 2008

Our own vegan prom.....

100 People of All Ages to Celebrate at Prom Themed Party with all Vegan Food

Trenton, NJ, June 27, 2008 – A popular New York City disc jockey, some of the best local chefs and 100 people from all over the country will be in attendance for the First Annual Veg Social Prom in Trenton, NJ on July 12, 2008 at 7pm.

Tickets for the prom were limited to 100, and sold out about a month in advance. Prom goers are coming from as far away as Canada, California and Georgia, and span generations; they range in age from sixteen to seventy years old.

Jeff LaPadula, co-founder of the Veg Social NJ says, "The Veg Social Prom is about fun, friends, family and eating good food. You can have a great time, drink a beer, have a laugh and dance the night away without taking the lives of animals. Typical prom food is not fun for animals; at the Veg-Social Prom we will be dining on 100 percent cruelty-free vegan food."

Vegans avoid animal products, which include dairy, eggs and meat. Some choose veganism for the health benefits while others enjoy the health benefits but strive toward veganism to decrease the amount of animal suffering that is inherent in the Standard American Diet. Veganism has been growing by leaps and bounds lately, but it's not a trend: more and more people are just recognizing that with all the delicious, cruelty-free options so readily available, killing 10 billion farm animals a year simply isn't necessary in this day and age. (For statistics on animals slaughtered for food:

The Veg Social NJ is a group of about 400 vegans, vegetarians and their friends who enjoy socializing, eating and having fun.

Proceeds from the event will benefit New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (, one of New Jersey's leading animal advocacy groups. They have been defending the interests of animals for 25 years.

More information about the Veg Social, including information about upcoming events, can be found at:

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