Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Liam becomes my sous chef, Lydia gets a tooth and there are faeries in our garden!

Liam has become more and more interested in baking so I had my mother-in-love make him an apron. Of course something in dinosaur was just perfect! Hopefully once this heat breaks he and I can really go to town in the kitchen! (That's me behind Liam sporting my new, celestial printed apron...thanks Mimi!!!!)

Also...Lydia has gotten her first tooth and her first step toward munching down some yummy, crunchy foods. It's is just working it's way up but I have a feeling little tooth number two is not far behind!

Faeries....I do believe.....and I have always thought that dragonflies are faeries in disguise. We have had hundreds of them frolicking in our backyard this summer and it makes me so giddy! I'm sure that they are in everyone's yard but I do feel that all the creatures have a fondness for us as they can sense that we live a cruelty free life.

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