Thursday, April 17, 2008

chocolate and orange...mmmmmmmm

So I made some cupcakes yesterday...basic chocolate and basic vanilla. Well, something went terribly wrong with the vanilla so they were sent flying out the back door for the squirrels to enjoy or throw at one another. Later on I attempted a third cupcake cupcakes!
These are topped with a thin layer of orange marmalade and then orange buttercream icing. I feel like the cupcakes are a bit dense but the original recipe calls for a pudding filling which I had to omit due to time...perhaps with the filling the density would have made more sense. Either way they are still yummy...just have more of a pound cake texture (not that THAT is a bad thing!) The chocolate turned out great as always and I topped them with chocolate buttercream icing. All recipes are from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.

The reason for the cupcakes is because I needed gifts. One box is for Liam's teacher who is leaving for maternity leave tomorrow and the second is for a friend of mine that has been gracious enough to give Liam a ride to school since Lydia was born. I thought these would be thoughtful yet inexpensive gifts. Money is a little tight these days with me not working and having very little time to work on illustrations. Hopefully they will enjoy these vegan treats!


Vegyogini said...

Cupcakes make a great thank you! I often bake for people that I want to thank because the effort involved shows how much you appreciate the person.

Dark Faerie said...

I agree....homemade goodies are so rare these days.....