Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer is winding down....

I can't say I am not happy to see it go. I welcome the autumn weather with open arms. We have had a bit of relief from the heat this week and some much needed rain but the heat this summer has been unbearable. Not sure if it's because I'm pregnant or not...either way - bring on the cool air! It doesn't hurt that Halloween is my favorite holiday and it's just around the corner. Not sure what costume I shall choose this year considering I will be 8 months along....any suggestions?

Next week I have to go and take the test for gestational diabetes. This test makes me so nervous...when I was pregnant with Liam the doctors thought I had it and sent me for numerous testing. Turns out I didn't but it left a mental scar. The test was brutal for me as I have a hard time swallowing that glucose stuff. Ick! I am hoping this time things will go smoother....I'm about 20 pounds lighter and have a much healthier diet (I was lacto-ovo with my first pregnancy and ate a ton of cheese!) Wish me luck!

Liam heads back to school in two weeks and this year he will be going a full day which means lunch at school. I have armed myself with The Vegan Lunchbox cookbook and the Laptop Lunchbox that she recommends in her blog
I am really excited about them...and so is Liam! I am guessing he will have one of the best lunches in his class!

Well, I hope this note finds everyone well and you all have had a wonderful summer. We are still trying to squeeze in a few more visits to the beach before life gets crazy again.

Much vegan love to you all!