Monday, January 15, 2007

My list...101 things to do in 1001 days

Skipping the New Year's Resolution and going with an idea a friend shared....this seems a bit more realistic...and fun!

Start date is January 15, 2007
Finish date is October 12, 2009

Things posted in green bold are completed.
Things posted in purple bold italic are in progress.

1. Have an art exhibit
2. Become financially independent
3. Create hand-made book of shadows
4. Lose 20 pounds (4/20)
5. Volunteer
6. Learn to drive stick shift
7. Go to Europe (again)
8. Get an illustration published
9. Illustrate a children's book (even if it's my own story)
10. Paint bathroom ceiling
11. Go a week without television
12. Get dragonfly tattoo on wrist
13. Sew a piece of clothing that I can wear
14. Learn to speak French
15. Learn to read tarot cards...better
16. Go without soda for a month
17. Drink only water for a week
18. Read at least one book every month (for 6 months)
19. Create dream garden in back yard
20. Go to a spa
21. Save 1,000 dollars

22. Learn to play chess (again)
23. Donate blood at least every six
24. See Loreena McKennitt in concert
25. Send a random gift to 5 people I care about
26. Go camping with Patrick and Liam
27. Proudly wear a bathing suit on the beach
28. Go canoing
29. Get new business cards printed (placed order on Jan.22, 2007)
30. Get 3 people to go vegan...this will be tough (1 down 2 to go! - Ellie Rocks!)
31. Plant a tree in our yard for each Nan
32. Remove stupid ceiling in bedroom
33. Paint hallway ceiling
34. Get hardwood floors (fingers crossed for this one!)
35. Visit 5 states I've never been to
36. Stain kitchen cabinets and get new knobs for kitchen cabinets
37. Complete Wicca, A Year and a Day
38. Go to Disney World with Pat and Liam
39. Fast for 3 days
40. Learn to ice skate...prepare to be bruised!
41. Have a theme party
42. Have game night once a week for a month
43. Teach Liam to tie his shoes
44. Have a Summer Solstice party
45. Run/Walk a 5k
46. Host a GMO awareness party
47. Take Liam to the Philadelphia Art Museum
48. Create a vegan cookbook to give to family and friends
49. Go to a full moon ritual with Ellie
50. Put a fountain in backyard
51. Put in new track lighting in dining room
52. Create a recipe for excellent tofu omelet
53. Send samples of my work to at least 10 publishers (1/10)
54. Get promo postcards printed and sent out
55. Knit my own scarf...oh boy....
56. Host a vegan wine tasting party
57. Organize my herb garden
58. Have a Monty Python evening
59. Build a snowman with Liam....some snow would be nice!!!
60. Watch the sunrise with Patrick and Liam
61. Take Liam and Patrick on a picnic
62. Take Liam on a picnic after school
63. Buy a Matt and Nat purse....(as soon as I have extra cash...ugh!)
64. Go out to a romantic dinner with Patrick
65. Eat at Candle Cafe...again!
66. Find my coven or create my own
67. Visit AE and Brian
68. Visit Brian and Ruby at least 3 times
69. Have a water balloon fight with Liam
70. Learn to make vegan sushi (Jan. 16, 2007)
71. Make vegan crepes
72. Learn how to change a flat
73. Make hand-made lamp for bedroom
74. Organize book shelf in dining room
75. Watch all of the extended Lord of the Rings movies in one day!
76. Organize all of my business papers
77. Try to sell my work locally...perhaps at Off the Wall
78. Buy a futon for the office (this won't be happening since the office is becoming a nursery!)
79. Scan all of our wedding pictures and make albums
80. Go on a bike ride with Patrick and Liam
81. Send a care package to a soldier
82. Write to SHAC 7
83. Have dinner with Roger and family
84. Scan all old family pics and restore...then make albums
85. Make a new friend
86. Post on Vegan Freaks at least once a day (for a month)
87. Build a birdhouse
88. Send a piece of artwork to Neil Gaiman and one to Tim Burton
89. Do one act of random kindness per week for at least a month
90. Get my xmas shopping done before December 1
91. Take ten new photos every week for a month (Not including self-portraits!)
92. Bake homemade rolls
93. Learn CPR
94. Look into adopting a Greyhound
95. Get a powerwasher...our house is turning green from all the damp weather
96. Make a birdhouse
97. Learn to grill tofu without it falling apart
98. Stay at a vegan bed and breakfast
99. Do an illustration for Liam of boy vegans :)
100. Have a party with close friends.....
101. Start new list