Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Week in the Life - Wednesday

Hey comes day three!

Same morning routine as the last two days so I won't bore you with the details...
once I dropped Lydia to school I again had some errands to run. First stop was Michaels to pick up some supplies!

Michaels is of course flooded with Christmas goodies!

I made it out of there with everything I needed and under $50! Yay me!
Various things for ornaments, some more craft paint, brushes and some clay!

After getting home I finished up some more of my monotonous black painting. This time some plaques and wooden ornaments. Next week I will be adding reproductions of my illustrations to all of the wooden pieces I have been painting.

After I'm done with the painting I grab some lunch and then get started on some paper clay snowmen ornaments. I love working with paper clay and these are super fun to create. Starting again with styrofoam balls and then sculpting around the balls with the clay. This is them, aren't they cute?
Now they just have to dry.

Early afternoon I have to start getting dinner together. Lydia has art class so she only has a short time to eat before she is off to do her art thing. I decide to go with super quick and easy! 
I cook up some rice in our rice cooker, steam some veggies and throw 
some Gardein in the oven. Easy peasy!

After dinner Patrick takes Lydia to art with Miss Stephanie.
Lydia goes to this class every other Wednesday. My friend Stephanie is a fantastic art instructor and has been teaching kids for years. Even though I am an artist myself, I felt that Lydia would benefit from taking these lessons from someone other than myself. 
She is a very social girl so this is really perfect for her.

While Lydia is off to art, Liam get's his homework done and I pack lunches. Once we are done we are head out to pick up some birthday gifts for Lydia. Her birthday is this Saturday!

Once Patrick and Lydia get home from art she gets started on her homework. Liam gets his hockey gear packed up and we get ready to head to his first scrimmage of the season.
Mimi (my mother-in-law) comes to take care of Lydia since Liam's game doesn't start until 8:45.

Off we go to hockey!
Liam gets the first goal of the season! Woohoo!

AND they win their fist scrimmage of the season 5-2!!!

11PM and we are just getting home...phew.

I always get caught up in everything we do from day to day and think to myself that it's a pretty crazy schedule. I always try to take the time to sit and just breathe. In our day to day lives I find that everyone I know has crammed their schedules so full that it can be hard to reflect on things or simply enjoy being. Sometimes we forget to be thankful for the simple things we have. Of course we always yearn to have more...a bigger house, a nicer car, a swimming pool, time and money to travel the world, but we often take for granted all of the wonderful things we have right in front of us. I think this little blogging experiment has reminded me just how lucky I am. I have two wonderful children who do well in school, are kind to others and are healthy and happy. That in itself is amazing. Then I have my a husband that has stuck with me now for almost 20 years. We have had major ups and downs, lost loved ones, suffered through surgeries and illnesses and have still managed to keep loving each other. Our journey to veganism has been one of the biggest life changes we have ever made and I am so proud that we have done it together as a family. I love that doing these blog entries this week has given me even more appreciation of my family and my life.

Have a great night everyone!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week in the Life - Tuesday

Hey everyone! So this is the second day blogging my "Week in the Life", I thought it would be fun for a week to get a peek into the life of me and my family. My day started out like yesterday...up at 6am, drag my 15 year old out of bed, prepare breakfast while he and Patrick get ready for their day. By 6:45 they are out the door and I get Lydia up. We have our breakfast and she plays on her iPad a bit while I jump on the elliptical. Afterwards we get ready for the day...and we are out the door by 8:45 to get her to school.

Once I drop her off I run a few errands...Staples, the grocery store and the Disney store to pick up a gift card for Lydia's birthday.

Not a big fan of this store but sometimes I need big envelopes! LOL!

Oh yeah! I spent enough at ShopRite to get my FREE Tofurkey for Thanksgiving! 
Woohoo! (the little things)

Once I get back home I make myself a little painting picnic. When I have to paint a ton of wooden boxes to prep them for my illustrations, I like to spread out in the living room and catch up on the news or something while I spend hours just painting everything the black base coat that I use. It's kind of mindless so I like to multitask. Our fake fire place makes it nice and cozy ;)

After some lunch (leftover chili - yay!) I finish up my painting, have an afternoon cup of coffee and catch up on social media...boy can that be frustrating right now. Sigh...

At 2pm...I grab my son from school. I take him home to grab a snack and change clothes. While we are home we discuss an issue that happened at his high school involving a fellow student that posted  a racist photo on social media. He's very upset by the incident and pretty confused and concerned by the hatred and bigotry that's going on in our country. He pays attention and likes to know what's going on in the world and also our opinions on things. I'm very proud of the man he is becoming.

Then we are off again..he has weight training with his high school hockey team. He will get picked up later by Patrick and then taken to his on ice practice with his team. Phew...poor kid will get to his homework eventually!

After I drop him off I head back to town and make another stop at the post office and Bloomers' and then I grab Lydia from school.

We head home and I get dinner started while she gets her homework done. 45 minutes later her homework is done and I have dinner ready. 
Her pick: Popcorn tofu, homemade french fries and broccoli. Yum!
You can find the recipe for the Popcorn Tofu here: 
It's really delicious so I suggest making this as soon as possible! :)

Afterwards, Lydia helps me with the lunches since I have promised her that I will play a game on Xbox when I'm all done. (I'm not a gamer...this will not end well! LOL!)

I tried my best....but I have no clue what I'm doing. I wasn't very good as a Plant OR a Zombie! 
I will leave the gaming to Patrick and the kids but hey, I tried! 
 Just give me a good book to read and I'm content.

This was a pretty easy day for Lydia and I as we had the evening off. The boys are still at hockey but should be home around 8. They will at least get to see Lydia for a few minutes before she is off to bed. As for me, I am off to read a bit and enjoy a little down time.

Enjoy your evening everyone!

Monday, November 14, 2016

A Week in the Life - MONDAY!

Ah Mondays....that 6am alarm is not my friend but alas the men in the house have to head out early so up I go! First thing...tea pot on and I get breakfast ready.

After about 4 attempts my teenager finally crawls reluctantly out of bed.

One of our favorite fall breakfasts...pumpkin muffins! Liam likes his with 
applesauce and some chocolate almond milk.

Hot Chai in hand, my lovely husband is off to teach his high school students some French. He's not much of a morning person and as you can see was thrilled to pose for a photo at 6:45 am.  Ha ha ha!

Now that the boys are off to school...time to get the little one up. 
She likes to get up early so she can take her time getting ready for school.

After I have my breakfast and a bit of coffee I jump on the elliptical to 
tackle some of those steps! I have had a Fitbit for over a year and a half and it was the best thing I ever keeps me motivated everyday!

Not a bad start!

Off to the shower and Lydia starts to get herself ready for school.
Oh look...I'm wearing black. Yep...that's pretty normal for me. I save the color for my illustrations :)

Off to school we go!

After dropping Lydia off for the day, I head back home to my studio.

 This morning I am working on a Santa Jester Stick that is a special order by a customer of mine.

 It's going to be super cute but I have to stop here because now it has to dry for a few days.

After spending the morning in the studio I take a break to have some lunch and to figure out what I am going to make for dinner. Mondays are kind of crazy in our house and everyone tends to be coming and going at different times which makes dinner a bit of a challenge.

After checking out what I have in the cabinets I decide to make some Chili for dinner.
I found a delicious recipe here:

After getting the Chili started for later...I start packing up orders for the post office. Luckily, I have a great post office right in my little town that I can even walk to if I want.

oh look a giant pile of clothes to be folded. Laundry is something we have going all the time. It's amazing how many clothes four people can go through in a few days! One of the pros and/or cons to working from home is that these little things get done but also they tend to sometimes sidetrack me from the studio. studio part of the day is coming to an end. Time to get dinner all ready for everyone to grab and go after school. I made some biscuits to go with the chili. Perfect "fast food" for this chilly fall afternoon.

At this point I run to the post office to mail my packages and then I stop by Bloomers' to drop off some prints. Bloomers' is our local Florist/Art Studio/Gift Shoppe and I sell my art there and also teach the occasional workshop.

Our cute little post office.

My little section at Bloomers'

My friend Kari thought I should post a shot of me walking away from Bloomers'....teehee. I'm kind of a regular on these sidewalks.

After picking Lydia up from school we head home and grab some dinner before heading off to her dance class. This has been our weekly ritual since she was three years old. The girl loves to dance!

While Lydia and I are at dance...Patrick and Liam are at high school hockey practice. We just entered the high school season so our schedules are about to get really busy...well busier than they were! LOL!

We meet back home and the kiddos get their homework done while I pack lunches. 

Being vegan doesn't really allow for them to buy lunch and I honestly prefer to know what they are eating so this is my nightly ritual.

Lunches are done, homework is done, showers are done. Time to finally settle in and relax a bit!

Have a great night everyone! See you tomorrow!